Piano bar dreams in the hubbub… how I’d love a drink!

She croons with a velvety voice, the singer that slinks in the hotel lobby by a baby grand. Her eyes avoid the crowds milling and the crescendo of their conversations… she’s dreaming she’s somewhere else as she sings her heart out… Besame Mucho… Mona Lisa…

After three back-to-back workshops following the keynote luncheon, I could use a drink. Nora Robert’s keynote speech was nothing short of inspirational, the bottom line being, “be prepared to fight and work hard for your dream, its a tough gig but its worth it….”

I enjoyed bumping into Elizabeth Rolls at a workshop, regency romance Author  also from Aus and array of extremely interesting people at lunch. As they now have my card, I am obliged to add they are TOTALLY awesome (joke)!

Tonight I really have only one prerogative- preparing an elevator pitch for the mini novella I have whipped up as a prelude to my mini-series romance and first book, Red Silk Summer. Ten minutes with an editor, have to make it count… The other thing on my mind of course is whether I ought to be nuking another microwave meal at Hotel El-not-so-greato, as this swank conference hotel was totally booked out…

Has it been worth the walking through the heat to save on cab fares and risking heat stroke, microwave meals for months (okay, so the fact I can’t cook anyway is completely beside the point), and the endless pre-work mornings at Cafe Essen trying to complete my novel in time?

Frankly just to meet the array of authors I have spent countless hours reading and researching -in the flesh- to be around people who routinely face the same character questions and devise plots of conflicted lovers has been worth it, because it makes it all REAL. In a place like Canberra, the hub of Government, its easy to forget that possibilities exist and such dreams can be realised. In Canberra, romance writing is a pretty, fantastic notion…. in Orlando, its business!

Dreams are worth chasing and they are worth chasing hard…. and it is a fabulous dream to be here with some of the most powerful people in the industry giving talks and tips… and writers who share the same passion, the same dream.

I’m happy and grateful to be here after a year of planning. Tonight, tonight…I’m taking a cab back.

BUT FIRST! About that drink!

With fun Harlequin series author Kimberly Lang at the Wednesday night Literacy signing

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