Dressed for dinner…

8pm on a Saturday night. The end of a long Saturday looms. Instead of sitting at the Kennedy room which was booked for 7pm, I am awaiting the last flight to Canberra as I missed my plane due to the train stopping in an underground tunnel several times en route. Most Canberra kitchens close at 9.30pm if not 9pm (well, its not Sydney now is it)!?!?! ūüėČ

Despite my concerted effort to remain calm and meditative on the train, as the fates ensured I did not make my flight, I suddenly thought about the prospect of seeing Pete. As fate would also have it, he has shared a radio silence with me the last few days since I accidentally left my phone in Canberra earlier this week. Fancy not being able to talk in 2010!? Its do-able. But very quiet!

Ah, radio silence. Silence. when the last month… the last two months have flickered without notice as I’ve found a place to live, furniture shopped (hell- but not quite as bad as Disneyworld in summer), started a new job ¬†and signed up for broadband.¬†

The quiet was delicious. Feeling as though I had kicked the bug of the last week to the curb, its the quiet moments that make having my own apartment utterly blissful.¬†¬†I love the opportunity to read, to muse, to write, to relax, to paint, to think, to imagine… I enjoy hours looking through cook books and considering new recipes… but therein lies the rub (excuse the pun).

Who can I inflict my grand masterpieces upon if not dear Pete? (I am sure my family would ask who he had wronged in a past life to deserve my cullinary dabbling). Nobody listens as patiently as Pete.

Needless to say, missing my flight dressed for date night in a  black dress and pearls was not ideal (though I was grateful to be rebooked on the last flight, albeit several hours later). Nothing is so great as giving your loved one a big bear hug at the end of a long, long week. Quiet moments need not be solitary. And I know I am lucky that he waits patiently for me at the other end. Now what did I do in a past life to deserve that?

The wait and the inconvenience are worth it. Even if its only to pass the tissues and toast with Lemsip. Awwww. Lurve!