Chocolate Sublime

Friday of my first week off work and there is one thing that just about rates with seeing my husband after a day apart- CHOCOLATE SUBLIME ice cream.

Simple pleasures cannot be overrated. And my anticipation of that chocolatey goodness is all that keeps me awake after a long day on my feet. Whilst we moved at the beginning of the year a number of closets have served as temporary storage areas. But after six months the chaos was becoming less “temporary” and more “permanent”. I unpacked three half full suitcases of clothes that had been neglected because right now the clothes don’t fit, so there wasn’t a rush… I organised the baby’s clothes by size, I labelled plastic storage containers and organised their contents, I even managed to pack up my wedding dress (properly)with a view to getting it professionally cleaned and “preserved” (the going rate is $450 so, again, no rush). I also started on a new pair of bootees with Sublime Cashmere merino silk in the sweetest blue. After all, Spring  in Canberra can be cold… All of this activity was propelled by the mere possibility that the baby could come early.

So tonight, it is that the couch is now my “best-est” friend and this weary body literally couldn’t do anymore. Except maybe type. A little. And anticipate chocolate ice-cream. Baby is kicking, it seems he can’t wait either…!

The dress

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