An afternoon for finishing projects

Cherry cardi in Rowan Baby Alpaca DK

An owl handmade for baby

Finally, also got around to finishing the owl I started a few months ago. Used silk, cotton and denim remnants from other projects but the body was actually made from an ill-fated virgin wool blouse I accidentally put in the wash a few years ago. It felted beautifully, and as it was a Valentino worn once, I decided to keep the shrunken mishap for a future project. Eyes and tummy are hand sewn applique.

I included a couple of bells sewn into the body for a bit of interest. It ain’t Fisher Price … but it feels gorgeous. A fun addition to Baby’s little toy family…though applique can be rather time consuming (and I poked my fingers more than a few times)!

No pattern, but was inspired by some retro fabric (with owls) my mother had made up into a duvet when I was a kid. Owls strike me as ever enchanting!

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