Sweeter than the Summer be, a bowl of cherries just for me

A lovely way to spoil dinner. Simple table runner was made by moi.

A warning for fellow fresh pasta makers… careful with going the wholemeal route. The texture is more “grainy” and the dough takes longer to bind. Unlike pasta puritans before me, I tend to skip the “let the dough rest” stage and go straight to cutting and boiling (assuming the dough has been well pulverised). This method does not at all work with wholemeal pasta, pushing our little homemade dinner enterprise back at least half an hour (the dough was too crumbly and less pliable prior to a little refrigerator action).

In the spirit of preparing for the entrance of  “Mini Us” we prepared enough tonight for a second serving each which went straight into the depths of the deep freeze, no doubt to be joyously pulled out at a later point when we are too tired to even cast a longing glance at our beloved pasta machine.

I do have to say, however, that as much as an effort making fresh pasta can be, the task is all consuming and there is little room for distraction. When you are preparing it, there’s not much opportunity to think of much else… Is the dough too thin? Is it being fed straight? Would it be better thinner? It forces one to be totally present.

With my hubbie cranking the handle as I guide the dough through, we talk and laugh and joke. He is of the old school thinking that cooking is a chore where as I tend to try and approach it as much as possible as a pleasure. Or as much of a pleasure as it can be with hands caked in a layer of flour.

When the steaming ribbons are on the table, laced in olive oil, pepper, slivers of bacon, peas and herbs, we regard one another over the flicker of tealights and it feels as though we have done something together that resembles fun. On a weeknight! Usually, we would both be typically be fatigued, ambling towards the weekend when there is time. It was wonderful that we unexpectedly had the opportunity to interact and enjoy each other beyond the “everyday”. He is no longer, mentally, still at the office and for a short while I am able to forget that my hand aches from my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, my back is sore and my ankles are swollen.

For tonight anyway, it was just me and this charming man, having a laugh and enjoying each other’s company as we tried to make wholemeal work.

Who would have thought… romance on a Thursday night.

(And you thought this post was all about cherries)!

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