Its a wrap

Something I dream about it discovering an uncut Diane Von Furstenberg 70s wrap dress pattern …at a market… for a pittance. It is the holy grail! I love wrap dresses for Summer because of their ease and versatility and of course because they are flattering. Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress, which came out as a Vogue design, made her famous. Even today, one of those patterns can go for $50-100 on eBay dependent on a range of factors. Not bad for a few pieces of paper that are at least 40 years old!

Oscar De La Renta has some nice designs floating around on the web and I have ordered a few wrap dress patterns to make for the coming Summer. However, in the short term, I  thought I’d post a picture of one of my favourite pattern covers from the sixties or seventies, for a teen girl. Not sure what it is, just something so refreshing and Summery in the drawings. I often wonder who these unknown cover artists were- what a wonderful profession!

So sweet.

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