A start on a post-baby blouse

Three metres of heaven.... the most beautiful, glamorous silk ever?

The above fabric is one that I bought 11 years ago in Langkawi in Malaysia- a vivid red Versace silk that I cherish and adore and have not yet been game enough to chop up until my skills are better (I originally bought it with the intention of having someone else make it up)! I still dream about the little shop I bought it in, in the “town” area we visited, venturing from our luxury digs (then the Sheraton Langkawi). It was such a great holiday in many ways and I miss my Dad thinking about how we island hopped and saw monkeys in the jungle, he regaled me with stories of his time in the army in what could only be described as a swamp, and many hot, hot, humid afternoons in the pool. Would love to take hubbie and the baby there one of these days though I am sure it has changed greatly.

Whilst I considered it, today is not the day for the red Versace silk. I picked a pattern (NEW LOOK wrap blouse), pinned it and started cutting. I eventually decided on some vintage cotton voile, I found last week instead, which I thought would look very pretty with a cami underneath and a simple skirt. Pretty as the voile is, I would be somewhat less devastated if the blouse endeavour took a left turn and failed. Additionally, the pattern appears simple enough that as I return to a more normal shape I can bring it in and tailor it with some darts. Thats the theory anyway.

Vintage cotton voile... sweet for the everyday?

Pattern cut. Now time to further study the instructions. I figure if the baby comes tonight or tomorrow, I have at least made a start on a relatively simple project! Cutting would be most difficult when sleep deprived… this of course assumes that sewing in a straight line would be a little easier!

NEW LOOK 6081... an uncut vintage pattern from the late 1980s methinks? Classic enough sans shoulder pads....

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