Warning: Vintage patterns are habit forming

Vintage pattern addiction.... they are kind of like chocolate smarties... can you really stop at one????

I am going to plead insanity and say that waiting for the baby requires some serious distraction. My distraction of choice at present has been sewing, learning about sewing and vintage patterns. I love them. I really do. And sometimes they make me laugh, like when I notice the little text down the side on a boys pattern “not suitable for chubby boys”. What a hoot! Not sure I have seen that on any more politically correct modern patterns which would probably read instead something like “Please check the pattern sizing carefully to ensure best fit.”

Recently I came by a copy of a 1955 copy of the Simplicity Sewing Book. Again the opening sentence of the Foreward made me smile: “This book is a magic key to bring you the pleasure of looking your prettiest”. A sign of the times when a woman’s life accomplishment was looking pretty (and snagging a husband). To me it is quaint, historical and amusing, but those decades were not so long ago, really. I always find it interesting to see how art, art and design… and vintage patterns, track alongside history. They reflect a market, an attitude and a series of cultural perceptions.

A page from the past...

This week I have been very, very naughty. I mean, I really could not resist the temptation of a few sought after patterns. The excuses are easy to come by. Post baby wardrobe (come on, essential) – sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding (well I DO need something to wear….), return to work outfit for next year (I am sure it would take the sting out of the first day…). Naughtiness comes in the form of:

(1) a 1960’s Butterick suit pattern to make up in black linen, very classic;

(2) a stunning, understated Belinda Bellville 1960’s evening gown to make up in black satin; and

(3) a pretty Summer Gunne Sax style dress pattern circa 1981 to make up in emerald eyelet lace (…for Christmas of course…)!!!

Well the postie has just motored up the driveway, my heart beats and my lips curve. Just might what he have brought today in a teeny little packet…? Just maybe…?

Yes… habit forming I tell you.

Oh Miss Bellville!!!!

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