Belle du Jour

Swingin' Sixties.... Yeah Baby! 😉

It was a stroke of bad luck that brought a turn of good luck… and how I came to chance upon some fabulous new patterns for my collection. Long story short, I lucked out and chanced upon some wonderful 1950s and 1960s designs. Unfortunately the Jean Muir Vogue Couturier Pattern was incomplete (not disastrously if I want to make the pattern up myself, three panels for the skirt were missing but I could probably figure it out) but it compromised the value of that particular find from a collector’s viewpoint. The overall find of about 12 or so new patterns was wonderful, particularly after I watched a gorgeous Guy Laroche dress pattern I had lusted after disappear into the abyss after its temporary life on eBay for a mere $150. Yes, I was being somewhat tongue in cheek. But it WAS gorgeous so I can understand SOMEONE out there just HAD to have it. I’m just not THAT naughty at this point!

From a soon-to-be-new-mumma standpoint, I am ravenously hungry, it seems all day long and I wonder if our little one is angling for a growth spurt before he is born. I need more food! Fruit, sandwiches, then more fruit… but I think he wants ….the chocolate ice-cream!


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