Why Hello, Miss Ashley! How was your trip?

Summer is rolling around, slowly but surely. The stores are stocking their Christmas Trim and no doubt we will so be bombarded with Santa’s merry smile, blasts of air conditioning and hot, hot days.

After three weeks of travel, a new pattern arrived in the mailbox today- the postman thankfully did not try and jam it into our humble little brick mailbox opening but in the open air slot- good move, Mr Postie! The pattern is a 1970’s McCalls “Carefree Pattern” by Laura Ashley (5058). Good news- no zips! So I could probably whip the sundress up in an afternoon. Its simple, classic, strappy and billowy. It has that I-want-to-board-the-yacht-now look and where is the flower for my hair? Yes, perfect for long Summer afternoons and hanging out at the house with my husband and soon-to-be born baby.

Patterns can be very special things. They live lives. This one travelled from Guernsey in the United Kingdom and the seller attached a note about when she bought the pattern, shortly after she was married in the UK in the 1970s. And now the pattern is mine, as hubbie and I approach our first Summer as a married couple. I thought the note was lovely, especially in the circumstances.

Chop, chop, time to make it up! Or perhaps, I should more appropriately say, snip snip!

I have the most perfect blue and pink floral 1960s broadcloth for it that I have been saving… now that came from somewhere called Fogtown, somewhere in America…

How I do love Vintage.

McCalls Laura Ashley Vintage Pattern 5058

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