Life after Birth

The clock is ticking. My life has suddenly been divided into increments of time: stolen hours of sleep, feeding baby, changing baby, consoling baby… over and over again. Occassionally this is broken up by a few wonderful moments with my husband, who repeats this process with me but is not bound to a chair by the feeding process for hours and thus can sneak in some laundry, meal preparation and so forth. And in the moments when baby has entered light sleep in my arms, but not deep enough sleep to be put down, I can surf the net on our iPad. This is of course is limited by which hand is free and my ability to be ambidextrous.
So why blog, in the small sliver of time??? Because blogging keeps me writing, thinking, and my mind continues to tick over on something that is not at all times baby related. Today, I figure my window of opportunity is twenty minutes, not enough to nap but enough for my thoughts to transform into a blog!

Its been two weeks since bub was born and despite the exhaustion it has been filled with immense joy, the gurgles, shared glances and smiles, the feeling of bubs cheek on the skin beneath my neck when he occassionally he falls a sleep when nuzzling there for comfort… this is one of my favourite sorts of moments with him, and one that makes motherhood everything I didn’t realise it could be.
We ventured out today, for half an hour. At two weeks, a half an hour dose of the world didn’t seem like too much stimulation. Hubbie did the grocery shopping whilst I took bub to a baby shop in search for a hat. I have to admit I was pretty surprised to discover a hat for a newborn costs $30. This seemed ridiculous given the possible time he might have to wear it (maybe a couple of months at most)? Naturally, I resolved to find a suitable pattern and make one myself (in another such twenty minute window of opportunity of course)! Ha!
I found a bonnet pattern amongst my collection that looked appropriate- 1950s Simplicity 4905 which has a number of garments. Three pattern pieces plus interfacing, not too complicated and would probably cost me $5 in fabric. Old fashioned, possibly, but also possibly retro cool!

Very Grace Kelly!

In my brief search I also found another pattern that I love, a hat pattern by VOGUE that screams Grace Kelly. Not sure how it will translate, but again the make looks fairly straightforward.

Finally, I also stumbled across another pattern which I had ordered on eBay from England and with my free hand decided to count the pieces to ensure it was complete… and discovered a vestige from the past- “letter card” which allowed for brief notes in what might be considered modern email shorthand- correspondence from one friend to another about a sewing pattern for their respective children.

Old fashioned email... kinda...

When Pete goes back to work in December, I wonder if I will feel isolated. But how did women in the 50s feel? When they were separated by distances from their friends and without the wonders of modern communication? I can send an email across the world and get a response in minutes…. but for women of that time, they were limited to the haste of the postman and were perhaps glad for the convenience of “letter cards”…
Bub is stirring. My window is closing. But my mind, as usual ponders the history in which some of my patterns emerged, and their owners…
Motherhood, with its trials and pleasures does not, in essence, change over time. Perhaps, in that sense, no matter what the era, women are never alone and its a bond between them that is not created or broken by the limitations of the time or the corresponding advances in technology.
“Will write on the weekend if poss. God bless,” Closes the writer to her friend.
Whoever that long ago mother was, she was stealing moments also.

2 thoughts on “Life after Birth

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    it is lovely to share these first few weeks with you from afar, and reminds me of how magical that time is. I just wanted to say that I really loved the way you have characterised motherhood in your final paragraphs. I too feel a bond of shared experience with other mothers (including you now, of course!)

    • Thanks Fiona. It is a tough time, but equally as magical. Some days I look at our little one and feel like he is growing before my eyes! Whenever I am utterly exhausted (usually at about 3 or 4am after getting up to feed for the umpteenth time and all I want to do is crawl back into bed)! I think about some of my close friends across the world who have taken this journey before me and am filled with renewed admiration for how they managed it all so gracefully! πŸ™‚ And it does give me strength and heart to know that it all comes in stages, my friends managed, I can manage! πŸ˜‰ The magic is definitely worth it, cannot fathom our lives without him now!

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