Vintage Vogue Dress 6196, drawstring neckline – simple sophistication…

I chanced upon this little gem recently and was wowed by the simple elegance which reminded me of the VOGUE COUTURIER 1587 dress by Simonetta… I was thrilled to examine the instructions to find the construction fairly basic with a few main pattern pieces. The dress would no doubt overlay a  pretty slip… So pretty me thinks, in black linen for day or night.


There are some patterns I buy because I like them and also their historical context…. there are others I adore and cannot wait to attempt…. this is the latter. I will probably start it right after my current whip-it-up project, a 1940s tea length Simplicity skirt 2024 which I am making up sans bustle in some vintage red and green plaid I have been hankering to use… if baby starts sleeping more, it might be completed before the end of the Summer! I thought I was being so original but a short peruse of the net and it seems Mr Vuitton is all over plaid at the moment and in tea length, no less.

Everything old is new. Who said that?

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