Peonies and plaid

Its raining. Its cold. But the cycle of feeding and sleeping was broken by the arrival of SHERRY! Okay, Sherry is the nick-name I have given the dressmaker’s dummy I ordered on eBay after many months of lusting. Just thought it was a fun name given my love of vintage and the quintessentially forties and fifties feel of many of the patterns I love. Unlikely however that this one will do a Kim Cattrall as in the 80s movie mannequin (does anyone remember that)?

Like the idea of pairing the skirt with a plain white t-shirt... mixing old and new styles... yet to be hemmed and finished...

1940s glam.. making the shorter version without the bustle

My bones ache and I pray I am not coming down with something. But in any event, the peonies my mother brought over at dinner last night are cheerful and too pretty not to photograph.

A thing of beauty if a joy forever.

Father comforts son in the background… love the domesticity.


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