Timeless fashions, the love affair with vintage continues

Husband is at cricket. Baby is at the tail end of the nap. The house is quiet… almost… my fingers fly across the keys and I am pondering some recent beauties… and although I am a teeny bit disappointed that recovery from a c-section may take up to a year and I can’t swim for another few weeks yet, it is wonderful to have such pretty delights to dwell on (apart from my gorgeous husband and cutest ever baby son- though I am sure all mums say that… it is possible I am biased)!

Whats not to love?

STYLE 3678… love the collar and the ways it has been paired with a long black skirt… so elegant…

Mega glam... mega stylish!

STYLE 1409… How can anyone not love Carolina Herrera? Had no idea until I found this pattern that Carolina Herrera dabbled, at least for a short time, in a range of sewing patterns. A bit of research and it seems she did some designer patterns with VOGUE in the last couple of decades, as well…

Reminds me of the dress Gwenneth Paltrow wore in the film Great Expectations, when her character goes to tempt the unsuspecting and green around the ears Finn... except she was in ice-cream pink (and it may have been sleeveless)?

VOGUE 8909… Fabulous Summer dress. Already have the black and white polka dot fabric chosen for this pretty number…

Perfect for a date with my husband at Cafe-With-Good-Gelato

McCalls 9041, circa 1952… fun fun fun!

Suggested fabrics include linen, chambray and cotton tweed... the red and white combo portrayed is stunning.

And finally Vogue 2146… every girl needs a bit of silky glam in her wardrobe… circa 1988… but what I want to know is why there are no token brunettes in the illustration? Clearly everyone in 1988 looked like a leggy blonde supermodel…LOL. All the same the french knickers are gorgeous.

Vogue 2146... a large format pattern

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