Decisions, decisions… for a late Summer wedding

My pretty sister-in-law came to Canberra for a visit with her fiance today. Their wedding is on the horizon, scheduled at the end of the Summer at a small country church and a reception at a vineyard in the Southern Highlands. I suddenly realised that this is a matter of months away and I had not start making a vintage dress which has been a long time plan.

Decision made… for the ceremony anyway. In the beautiful lavendar and purple floral vintage fabric I bought less than a couple of months ago for a song. I am sure I can find an excuse to change into something more fun for the reception! The main pattern pieces are now cut, though I hope the type of fabric won’t make sewing a nightmare and lead to a mini disaster (its very fluttery and difficult to handle unlike the recommended fabrics… ie linen… but so so pretty!. My husband gave me an hour to do so whilst he watched the bub and the cricket… of course!

A sheath dress... a vintage classic

2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions… for a late Summer wedding

    • Thanks 🙂 Was thinking I might try and make a bolero too given it was sleeveless… time for more decisions!!! Hard part! Ha! Then tere’s the sewing bit… LOL. Hopefully not too hard… depends on the pattern I suppose.

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