Bats, brooms and Vogue Special Design

Saturday night, bub fell a sleep in my arms and is now enjoying his bassinet. WOW. So this is what a quiet evening to do stuff is like. Strangely familiar and yet so foreign! Saturday came and unfortunately went all too quickly. The drama  of the evening was the appearance of a bat in our living room. Needless to say I made a b-line for the nursery and closed the door (with babe in arms of course) whilst hubbie chased it out the front door with a broom. Yep, that was enough for me to freak out! Our home is tucked behind  a canopy of trees, largely unseen from the road and moments from a nature reserve. But tonight I was not overly enthused by the all-to-authentic country style living! (I don’t think I am being precious… we ARE talking about a BAT)!

Anyway, with the evening at our leisure, I have the opportunity to reflect upon the progress of the sheath dress done incrementally over the last week.

Having marked the cut pieces with dressmakers chalk, I did a few of the darts on my beloved ELNA SU… very naughty, I know, not basting them first. The fabric is so gorgeous, I wondered if this was a big mistake… particularly from the perspective of ensuring eveness. The rest of the darts, I did take the time to baste, pressing the cut pieces before and after.

The dress has a low v-neckline at the back. The front is essentially one piece and the back has two pieces allowing for the inclusion of zipper during assembly. With the darts done, the next step is interfacing which may cause the project to halt temporarily… Initially I had thought to use the same fabric reinforced with fusible interfacing but after some meandering on the web, I am thinking that light cotton voile or a light satin could be a better answer. Honestly, I am not sure! But the fabric I am using is very light (possibly rayon)? Any ideas from cyberspace? I have some lining on order from America (and some cotton voile)  so it would be a matter of waiting until it arrives to get a sense of texture.

Sadly, it sometimes seems that knowledge of this kind is limited and shared to semi-professional courses, so if “the home seamstress” is not extinct- and in fact online (?)- I would love to hear thoughts and/ or experiences on this somewhat less exciting but critical dressmaking topic.

The good news is that the front of the dress in now pinned to Sherry (the dressmakers dummy) and when my older brother popped around for a visit (life loves: motorbikes, karate, macho stuff) he admired it and even observed the fabric. So that inspired me with some hope about the direction of the project.

The beauty of vintage sewing with vintage patterns, notions and fabric is that what we create is really a one off. The downside is that I can’t run out to a fabric store to by more of the outer dress fabric… I am using what I was able to acquire in one glorious piece.

Well, here’s hoping that the bat is well and truly gone! And that I can pull off the sheath dress… to put it on later.

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