New vintage

“New vintage” sounds like a contradiction in terms… and yet, what else can one call a “new” factory folded pattern from 1945? Today sharing two patterns I love, not because the design details are so indicative of the eras in which they were produced, but because I can’t help imagining the place the world was when their first owners cast their eyes over the “latest” fashions. The considerations for ones choice of dress would have been totally different, ie. wartime fabric availability.

New Vintage... styles that defined their decades...

The pattern on the left is from about 1939. The McCall pattern is dated 1945.

Bub and I journeyed out this afternoon to the National Library and to my surprise, he fell a sleep! This left me with a bit of browsing time and I was glad for it having requested a preview of Marian Corey’s “McCalls Complete Book of Dressmaking” published in 1954. The book had some great ideas on interfacing that could be used to stabilise different fabrics.

I also gleened the following fabulous sewing tips from Corey’s book, worthy of sharing here:

– When basting, use silk thread, it won’t leave holes when pressing the garment;

– Baste the entire garment and try it on BEFORE finally zipping it through a machine;

– Always pre-iron tissue patterns prior to use and lay out on a hard surface like a table or the floor (never a soft surface like a bed);

– If pins are used to secure the pattern when cutting the fabric, always pin ALONG the grain, not in the shape of the pattern;

– DO NOT RUSH a sewing project; (can this ever be heard enough)???

– Press, press, press … at every step.

The last piece of advice is reminiscent of advice given in Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing. Today I finally received the professionally digitised, colour copy of the latter book which cost an arm and a leg but that I am sharing with others on etsy through my new online shop, VanessaLovesVintage. The book is a hens tooth, and prior to obtaining my own copy through a specialist bookseller, I was reliant on the copy held at the National Library. It would have been marvellous to just order a digital copy on CD!

Well, the darling bub stirs… And there is yet more reading to be done! But what an interesting day!

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