New Years Eve in the Capital

This time last year, my husband was my boyfriend. We lived in separate towns and longed for the weekends when we  could be together. Flash forward 12 months, we are married with a two month old son who lights up our world, we share a home in my hometown and with any luck we will be snuggling up with a bottle of champers when midnight arrives and 2012 dawns. So much can happen in a year and 2011 was certainly a magical, happy year for both of us. Our honeymoon in the US was also wonderful. I loved staring out at the waters of Alaska looking for a whale and dinners at Mon Ami Gabi in Vegas.

To that end we have decided to have one of my husband’s favourite dinners which he ate many a time whilst we were away… steak and fries! With champagne of course. There will be token green beans for nutrition! (I actually love green beans in the Summer)!

Todays dress pattern is therefore perfect for those outbound diners who are sampling cuisine atop revolving restaurants in skyscrapers everywhere, or wowing the throngs at New Year’s Eve parties in glamorous locales… Are you wearing THIS? …Vogue Special Design 5835. Glamour, glamour, glamour!

Step out like a goddess with Vogue

Hubbie hates to cook… and yet tonight I know he will cook for me… so my night will be perfect. To all the vintage pattern and dress lovers and home seamstresses… have a delicious New Years Eve! Leave no glass unemptied and no chocolate wrapper unfurled!

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