Mad Men? …Or Mad Women? McCalls 9791

“Great copy”! I have to give credit to my husband for today’s blog title. Whilst everyone else in the world seems to have been watching this show for YEARS, I have only just started watching the first season, motivated by the many rave reviews about the great fashions and costumes. As a lover of midcentury modern style in general, I loved the interior design which recreates the era so well,  as well of course the dresses, the make up and the hairstyles.

Todays pattern in 366 days of patterns is a very pretty number that I adore… McCalls 9791. Molto glamorous! Though I confess that in terms of sewing, those ruched sleeves make my knees shudder and my mouth go dry… how difficult could that be?

Mad Women... but oh so gorgeous

Well the Australian Summer promises another sweltering day which will no doubt include being shuttered up insider watching  a little more of Mad Men… it is the kind of show where I cover my eyes and groan at some of the actions of the female characters. (“Please no… don’t do THAT!”) However flawed some of the shows advertising princes…. and however “mad” the women in remaining mixed up with them (!) it certainly has its allure.

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