Viva la glamour… more fabulous fifties with Simplicity 1795

Simplicity 1795 makes for a fabulous bridesmaids dress. This pattern was featured in the Simplicity November 1959 catalogue and promised the dress could be a “party dress later”. Truthfully, I know few people who have worn a bridesmaids dress again… a point illustrated somewhat humorously in the film 27 dresses.

Viva la glamour... more fabulous fifties with Simplicity

I was maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding. Her mother was formerly a professional seamstress and single-handedly dressed every girl in the bridal party in a gorgeous oyster satin that plunged to the floor from a forties style bodice. Really, its a very pretty dress and were I to wear a bridesmaids dress again, that would probably be it.

I do find it amusing that the bridesmaids dress turned party dress has been around for a while. What kind of party would this dress have been suitable for? I suppose they were times when people really “dressed” rather than throwing on a pullover dress or reaching for a pair of cargo pants. Home tailoring at that point wasn’t a lofty idea… I read somewhere that in those days people wore clothes that really fit. Somehow, the idea that tailored clothing was less comfortable seems to have emerged or people just ran out of time and know how… and someone made lots of money selling t-shirts and jeans… !

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