The Audrey Shirt… McCalls 9097, a fresh look at shirts

I have a sewing nook, aka studio. Unfortunately in the middle of Winter, it is freezing and in the middle of Summer its a veritable inferno. For that reason the sewing nook aka studio spends much time as a storage area for my patterns and the household ironing board. In the evenings I do pop in there to sew, but sewing with a small baby usually means sewing in fifteen minute increments. A dress that might take six to ten hours straight can take me a few weeks… and it usually means moments stolen at midnight or very early in the morning if I have gotten up to feed and change bub and got him back to the land of nod.

So today I was in there sorting through a few things and came across a Summer bag I hadn’t known I had left in there. It may have been there from the move, there were receipts and movie ticket stubs from about this time last year when I lived in Sydney. Discovering such things in a misplaced handbag or occassionally in the pocket of a jacket I haven’t worn for a while is always like a glimpse at a past period in ones life. It was nice to reflect momentarily on the weekends I could go to the beach or spontaneously see a movie! That, I am told, is unlikely to happen much over the next eighteen years!

Speaking of beaches and sunnier climes, I found a great Audrey Hepburn calendar for 2012 with some images I had never seen. One was of the young Miss Hepburn smiling bright eyed and fresh-looking from what appeared to be the side of a yacht. The picture was taken in 1954.

In that spirit, todays pattern is McCalls 9097,   a printed pattern from a few years earlier made up of 15 pattern pieces.

"Look Mum... no buttons!"

Among the recommended fabrics were gingham, silk, cotton broadcloth and linen. A great pattern from the period for a similar, fresh, Summery look. The great feature about this shirt pattern is that if you hate sewing buttons/ button openings, this shirt actually uses a side zip (or “slide fastener” as patterns of those times referred to them).

Three variations, all of which wear well with the classic "circle skirt"

Has it got style? …Who could argue with Miss Hepburn!?

I sooo want to make this one… I just have to finish several other projects first! The McCalls Summer dress I am working on has progressed… facings are done, bodice has been sewn to the 6 gore skirt (with lots of pressing in between) and now I have to insert the zipper, hem it and finish the seams… that should only take me  (…in random 15 minutes increments…)..? A couple of weeks?!?!

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