Butterick 4523, 1940s sun dress

Yesterday I posted about the sewing process. I asked my mother what her cutting tip would be. She answerred “Carpenters say, measure twice and cut once. In sewing I always measure several times before cutting!” I thought this was an interesting statement as it reflects my paranoia in erroneously cutting up gorgeous fabric. This perhaps another important point empasized by Marian Corey… DO NOT RUSH. Sometimes difficult when you want to see the fruit of your labour take shape NOW!  (Says I smiling).

1940s Butterick 4523... the perfect dress for a Sunday drive, family picnic, night of card playing or a stroll with the girls in town...

Todays pattern is in keeping with yesterdays 1940s Butterick theme… a pretty strapless sundress with a lovely bow that ties at the bodice. Pretty, pretty.

When I look at patterns like this it amazes me to think about what life must have been like at the time they were produced. No emails, mobile phones, iPads or internet… And even those things weren’t really around when I was growing up. These were the fashions of my grandmothers day.  My dad was born in the forties and used to tell me about being packed in the car for weekend car trips. This strikes me as the perfect Sunday drive date dress! Again, I think it would be fabulous in a fun Liberty tana lawn print.

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