Kicked out of bed… so not fair…

For the first time in my entire life, I woke up this morning and felt this strange resistance to getting up and going for a swim. Thats to say, whenever I have gone to bed PLANNING to swim the next morning, I simply wake up and DO. This morning however, having been up with our little one in the middle of the night, the prospect of just lying there, even just to stare at the ceiling sounded so utterly WONDERFUL.

“Your mother’s coming,” My husband reminded. My mother, who has been quite conscious of the loss of my figure has offered to watch the baby a couple of mornings a week whilst my husband gets ready for work, so that I can return to my old routine. As though not fitting into ninety percent of the wardrobe I was wearing this time last year wasn’t enough. Ha!

Once at the pool however, I barely felt the laps. I love being in the water, for me its a wonderful meditative time to think and “process”. I would even go so far as saying that its a luxurious feeling. You are there for yourself and only for yourself, no’one competes for your time or attention, there is nothing else that you can do or “multi-task”, it is a singular activity that frees my mind. Its also a great time to think creatively!

When I got home I gave our two month old bub an enormous cuddle. Its amazing that I am with him all the time and can miss him after such a short time away. My husband had some coffee ready made and waiting. Its pretty clear why I married him (apart from his debonaire charm and good looks of course). Seriously, it is good to be alive.

Not a sunburn in sight with this glam little cover up!

That said, today’s pattern of the day just had to be a bathing suit. VOGUE 6468 is from the 1960s and includes a cover up. When swimming outdoors (rare for me) I do love cover ups. I have never been a beach person because I just PEEL when burnt. But if I made this… well, a tropical island, a good book and a daquiri could be in the equation after all.

One thought on “Kicked out of bed… so not fair…

  1. Cute! I love the black bikini pattern! Send me a pic of what the finished product looks like! I would love to see your creations!!

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