All kinds of nirvana… and all kinds of choices

So, I spent several days torturing myself over the weekend about a 1965 VOGUE PATTERN CATALOGUE that had surfaced on the net. So utterly amazing. It had a price tag to match. But is there a price for 400 pages of Vogue pattern illustration bliss? Or is it priceless?!?!?! For me, the latter is true. The catalogue pulls together a massive chunk of my collection and demonstrates where my taste lies… I have quite a few of the patterns.

It was one of the best decisions I have made in terms of my hobby… it arrived yesterday and well… its incredible. I love every single page. Once upon a time (the 1960s to be more specific) this catalogue sat in a shop and was pondered by women of that era for them to CHOOSE. It was a time when the Beatles were ultra-cool, Martin Luther King’s campaign was underway, Lost In Space premiered and my own father had not yet been been sent as a conscript to Vietnam. What a different place the world was. And as a woman, there was still a pretty strong social expectation that your life was about home and hearth. Women in Australia did not get maternity leave and their choices were more limited. What they could choose, however, was what they wore and how they wore it. They could choose the style of a dress, the occasion and select the fabric to make it. And there were so many choices!

Asian influenced in style, this dress could be made in three lengths

Today’s pattern of the day is VOGUE 5571. The image shows the pattern against the relevant page in the catalogue so you can see some of the line drawing detail.

Fabulous sixties, fabulous style… my fav is the short floral version on the right. Perfect for an Aussie Summer day.

2 thoughts on “All kinds of nirvana… and all kinds of choices

  1. Oh my God! I am in love with this pattern for a while now! But it is out of my reach… Have you made it yet? Are you satisfied? Let me know! Have a lovely day.

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