The wonderful nature of friendship and VOGUE 5345

Another day is done. I could not be more thrilled that my husband has the day off tomorrow and whilst at least some of it will be dedicated to trying to get the house clean (together, whilst looking after bub) I am looking forward to those random moments of relaxation together. Plus, I should be able to swim!

Today, I was walking around the shops with the stroller and was reminded about a visit to a friend and her family in North Carolina a couple of years ago. We drove with her two young children to Folly Beach in Charleston for the day. It seems so long ago, but with the kids in the back of the car we chatted and chatted and chatted. I appreciated all the things she had to say and her advice lingers with me years later… after all, I followed it. She was ahead of me in the “having a family” game and now that my husband and I have a son, I can appreciate the many words of wisdom she shared.

The wonderful thing about friendship is that no matter where you are in your life, a friend is someone you can listen to and respect their viewpoint, even if you are in a completely different place. Now, here I am in Australia, with so many of the friends I have made in life in different places, I still miss those kinds of conversations. And it was a wonderful afternoon we had at the beach with her kids and family!

The classic stole

Today’s pattern of the day, VOGUE 5345, is another one which can be found in “The Book” (the 1965 Vogue Counter Catalog I blogged about yesterday). I like this pattern so much, no less for the beautiful illustration on the envelope. It is a great pattern though because 1) its easy and 2) it translates well into any era and in many settings because of its simplicity.

Once made it could be worn to a wedding by the bride, by the guests, packed into a suitcase for an impromptu romantic dinner on a tropical island or for a fun weekend in a pretty, pretty place like Charleston. Oh, and as for the beach… why not? Just carry your heels as you stroll along the water’s edge.


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