BENTO WITH JACQUES HEIM – Vogue Paris Original 1047

Who knew cataloguing patterns could be so much fun? Okay, so maybe the process isn’t but the fabulous news is, the steps involved are pretty quick. Hubbie comes through again, this time by downloading an app called BENTO onto the iPAD. What I really love, love, love about this is that there is no “uploading” or “exporting” of photos required, you just use the ipad. Hold it above the pattern, click, type in the details and voila… there you have a record. It has made it so so much easier to search for pattern details (rather than rummaging around for the actual pattern to inspect… and with the boxes around the house everywhere, they are often ANYWHERE).

Once the records are saved, I can search for things by keywords (I usually put 1950s, skirt, pleat, scoop neckline, v neckline, bust size, designer name etc). Its really very cool. The only downside is that when you are viewing a record, you can’t necessarily use zoom on the photo, which is essentially a large thumbnail.

Believe it or not, I am now debating once more about what I am going to sew and wear for my sister in laws wedding in February. Yes, yes, I KNOW I said it was going to be the sheath dress (almost complete), but the sad and crushing reality is, I am not going to be down to my pre-pregnancy size by then (many new mummies know exactly what I am talking about, I am sure). So here I am again, scouring my collection… thinking red satin? Plum satin? Not sure I like the bodice for this occasion, maybe I need a halter dress?


I have never tried to grade a pattern a few sizes, but it is extremely tempting given the mouth-wateringly gorgeous Jacques Heim dress (Vogue Paris Original 1047) that I have been eyeing off. The pattern is uncut… which means I would probably copy it to cut it… Jury is still out, but it makes an absolutely gorgeous pattern of the day for today. And I can dream about successfully resizing it… conservative yet stylish and with a teeny bit of something something… oh!!! Oh!!!

I acquired this pattern in an online auction, one of several from the same estate. No, it wasn’t cheap, but isn’t it delectable? And I have to add that the original owner had incredible taste… I actually have a couple of her patterns including a Laroche I will probably feature at a later point… its uncut of course.The search for the guest-wedding-dress continues. And when to make it? I see a few midnight sewing episodes ahead… so I better make a choice soon!

Would love to hear about anyone else’s guest-wedding-dress choices… how long it took to make and why they loved it??? Did you wear it again?

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