The Pencil or slim skirt… a fabulous wardrobe builder

Another weekend has flown past, full of activity. The in-laws were over and I tried my hand at a flourless, chocolate cake (which uses almond meal). Admittedly, baking a cake challenged my ability to multi-task, but somehow we managed to get the living area tidied and the house smelt gloriously of chocolate by the time people were here. Worked out pretty well, quite rich but delicious… I can recommend the recipe which can be found here: (Be sure to let it cool, or it will crumble)!!!

Since I have been using BENTO to catalogue my vintage pattern collection, it occurs to me I have lots and lots of skirt patterns. But can you ever really have too many? One wardrobe staple that seems to crop up in almost every era since the 1940s (and almost every pattern manufacturer) is the pencil or slim skirt, in varying lengths. These patterns are essentially the same, a fitted skirt with a dart or two at each side of the waist and possible a pleated slit, depending on the length. Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing (1952), which is much talked about in the vintage sewing world, actually does a step-by-step of the fitted skirt, but I don’t think you need the exact pattern used in the book… there are countless numbers of these floating around on the net and they are great for a very simple, weekend project.

For my blog this weekend, I am featuring three patterns: VOGUE 6003, VOGUE 5376 and VOGUE 8983. The great thing is, one skirt pattern can be made in different fabrics, colours and lengths to build a wardrobe. Usually it is a back or side zipper. Why stop at one?

One of my favourite all time looks is a pencil skirt, white or pastel coloured, collared shirt and a fitted or loose blazer/ jacket (boxy looks pretty good, the white shirt with navy or pinstripes is awesome). (Need I add, pearls)?!

That said, pencil skirts are versatile, they can be dressed down with figure hugging knitwear and pretty costume jewelry for a more 50s, vintage look. Given my love of lacy knits, I think I need to make a few of these skirts this year!

A classic wardrobe staple... why stop at one?

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