Red Satin love

Plum satin? Red satin? Or something different altogether?

“Am I going to look like a big red blimp?” I ask my husband. No, he likes the red satin…

Well, really, who could say no to red satin? What do I care of the perils of such a silky, notoriously difficult fabric? The guest dress pattern has also finally been chosen… Simplicity 3822… (pattern of the day today) and no, it doesn’t state satin as a suggested fabric but it does suggest silk… I figure I can make this work. I mean, why not?

Have I lined myself up for a red satin disaster? Have I been a little too ambitious? Time will tell.

I started cutting in the afternoon when I found a small window of time when the baby was sleeping. Unfortunately it was short lived, so I couldn’t do all the cutting in one hit. Last night after husband and baby were both soundly sleeping I finished cutting the last panels of the skirt, (it is a six gore skirt). The pieces were pinned along the grain and as close to if not in the seam allowances as possible.

I saw this dish at an op shop and couldn't resist it at $5... I just so loved the idyllic image of a house in the countryside, even though it was chipped... makes a lovely pin and notions dish.

The bodice is the first part of the dress to be made. I marked the darts on to the wrong side of the fabric (front and back, actually) and basted them with yellow, silk thread, 1) yellow, so the thread was easily visible; and 2) silk so that there was less chance of needlessly damaging the fabric.

The instructions say, do the front first and then do the back, but I tend to think if you have your chalk handy and you get into the groove, mark both up at the same time, baste at the same time and stitch over the basting at the same time. For me, its more efficient and saves me going between the machine and the cutting table etc. It also feels more comfortable and methodical to me, (though I am sure other people may disagree).

I have stay stitched part of the top of the bodice near the collar, and also done some reinforcement of the interfacing… I have already met pitfall number one, whilst I did do a tension swatch on my sewing machine, I still managed to pucker the fabric slightly. Even though it was just the interfacing, I was tempted to do it again but practicality (and the consideration of time poverty with a bub to care for) won out. The puckering is minor, barely noticeable and won’t be seen… I have a feeling satin hates me. Satin could hate everyone… but oh, it will look so pretty?

I have intentionally not cut the sleeve as yet and our dining table has been commandeered for at least a few days… thinking I might play with the sleeves but not sure if this will totally mess up the look I am going for… one to think on.

Well, I have made in-roads!

The Guest dress pattern… the version on the right is destined for red satin… probably sans buttons… might play around with the sleeves…

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