A night for vanilla ice cream… and a bit more VOGUE

It is a hot night after a long day. A long, long day. And I am exhausted! So vanilla ice cream sounds like a wonderful treat.

Todays pattern is VOGUE 9341, love the simplicity, though the square neckline at the back makes it a little more edgy… excuse the pun…! The perfect meet the parents dress? I must admit I am also very drawn to 1950s VOGUE pattern illustrations with their bold, sweeping lines and the models that stand with easy grace. They make a lovely graphic all on their own.

Needless to say, whilst I am itching to have an opportunity to baste more of the Wedding Guest dress, it has not presented itself. Our dining table is a sea of carefully laid red satin panels and notions. Maybe tomorrow!

I was thrilled however, that my sister-in-law has asked me to read a prayer at their wedding. I think it is a lovely gesture to include family members and am very honoured. More incentive to get the dress right!!!

Perfect for just about anything... afternoon tea, garden party, barbecue, meet the parents...

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