Leave Her to Heaven… But never leave Laroche

Today I saw snippets of a film called Leave Her to Heaven, which my mother assured me I would love if I liked vintage fashion. With the painfully beautiful Gene Tierney streaking across the screen on horseback in lavish technicolor, and sporting a fabulous wardrobe, my mother was right!

Leave Her To Heaven, 1945

I did think it was interesting the way a strong woman was portrayed in this film- and the insinuation that strong women have something just a little wrong with them. Tierney plays Ellen. “Ellen is always all right,” “Ellen always wins,” the phrases are typically peppered with scary and somewhat haunting music. It seems that in 1945,  a competent or competitive woman isn’t powerful or capable, she’s scary… all of these factors seem to allude to a psychosis worthy of a modern day bunny boiler. And what a faux pas, she proposes to her husband… definitely a screw loose there… (yes I am being somewhat sarcastic). Don’t get me wrong, the character  Ellen isn’t quite  “all there”, but the “profiling” of her character seems a little comic.

The film oozes glamour. I particularly loved the train scene which features a train carriage that looks like a lounge or bar. Worth watching for the threads and vintage style! Makes one want to rush out and buy red lipstick!

Laroche, La Gorgeous!

Todays pattern of the day however is from twenty years later, 1965… a favourite! This is a one piece dress with a soft cowl neck by Laroche, pictured here with the details in my 1965 Vogue Pattern Book. A Christmas pressie from my husband, what good taste… seriously, he couldn’t go wrong, I picked it! ha!

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