Life’s a beach… don’t forget your hat

My nine year old nephew is desperate to watch the film JAWS, like “all” of his friends. His mother has forbidden him. I am pretty sure I saw the film at a tender age of oh…seven?? eight?? … young enough for my brothers and I to scare each other with the dun-duh-dun-duh music and hands surfing like mock fins from behind the couch. JAWS took the glorious and innocent childhood vacation by the sea and turned it into a veritable hunt for the evil-beneath-the-water…

What is it about trips to the beach that we love so much? The exhilaration of the waves? The smell of sea salt? A horizon that stretches out for as far as the eye can see? I have lived in Sydney a few times and there is nothing that beats a morning swim in a sea pool. At least not until you get bitten by a jellyfish. That was enough to put me off for a while. I generally love it before the sun is too high and hot… I transform at that point to INDOOR GIRL.

“You always wear a hat,” one of my girlfriends said to me at college in California… As an Aussie I grew up with lots of anti-skin cancer campaigns, but it is, in my observation a different sun here, harder and more likely to sear! Love the beach, but I never forget my hat…

Today’s pattern, VOGUE 5533, makes for a marvellous get up and I love the beach dress for the reasons mentioned above.

Someone once paid 15 cents for this pattern... lucky, lucky, lucky! Wonder how many times it has changed hands

2 thoughts on “Life’s a beach… don’t forget your hat

  1. I just bought my very first vintage pattern on Ebay and it’s very similar to this one. 1960s Butterick 4380 – bikini & sundress. I went a bit crazy (for me) and spent $20! But I love it, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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