Bidding Wars… eBay, the new Sothebys?

There have been some very interesting patterns emerging on the net of late, no less on eBay. Yes, sometimes the internet is like a big garage sale, but at other times it is more akin to an auction house except without the bravado of the auctioneer and the heavy handed swing of a gavel to pronounce an item as SOLD. Auction data is really the most accurate way of determining that actual market value of a vintage pattern.

Today’s pattern of the day, Vogue Couturier evening gown (1260) by Frederico Forquet, went on eBay today for USD $68.98 (cut an complete). Love this dress!

Other notable sales (which I do not have in my collection) over the last ten days include: Vogue Couturier 1549, Michael of London (1960s, cut but complete) for USD $204.49, Vogue Couturier 1456, Frederico Forquet (1960s, cut but complete) for USD $97.98, Vogue Paris Original 1921, Givenchy (cut but complete) for USD122.50. Currently, there is a Vogue Paris Original – Molyneux, 1579 (reversible coat) uncut, with labels sitting comfortably at USD$405.00.

The person who bought Forquet (1456) got a bargain…. the same pattern sold on 23 Jan for USD $139.48. But the REAL bargain was the sale of the Givenchy evening dress (1921)… this pattern sold on 28 September 2011 for $391.98 (also cut but complete, but with sew in label included). It has actually appeared a few times since then for prices in between those figures.

The auction I was most interested in was a 1952 VOGUE Store Catalogue Pattern book (similar to the one I have for 1965) that sold for $379.55. I can only lament the passing of that pattern book… 1952 was such a fabulous year for VOGUE with lots of yummy Vogue Paris Original Model patterns by Schiaparelli and others, and so interesting historically in terms of post war trends, the alignment of more yardage with new prosperity and so forth. What a priceless treasure! Too bad I could not afford it!

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