Which seas are we sailing, Captain? The Humble Sailor Suit

After blogging about the lofty sales of couturier on the internet, I thought it was time to blog about  more grass roots type vintage pattern… and what could be more grass roots than the humble children’s sailor suit? I love this pattern, SIMPLICITY 8813, printed in 1979. Despite memories of having to wear MATCHING outfits with my younger brother in my own childhood, it seems I am still not phased about putting my own little one into such an ensemble. Very retro, but lets face it… super, super cute.

Hello Sailor

The pattern size is for a two year old. At my current rate of progess with sewing projects, if I start now, I’ll just make it! Interestingly, whilst this particular pattern was printed in New Zealand and the pattern is an American pattern, the small child holding mini flags is actually holding what appear to be French flags. Just a small but intriguing detail that raises questions about the illustrator’s own heritage.

The wedding guest dress project continues… I have officially gone off the grid, so to speak, and am now altering the pattern. I have to admit, I love the freedom and the process of learning. Satin has proved challenging, but it has been a great learning curve and there I things I would do in future, including the use of fusible interfacing where I might be concerned about puckered seams. Too late for this project, however.

Right now, my attention is focused on the collar. I am actually making shapes and forms with the fabric, which were not apart of the original design, but it is so much fun!!! I only hope I do not get mistaken as an employee of a religious order in all that red satin, when I am done (no disrespect to the church intended).

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