The Classic “Shell” pattern

I am not sure I can find the word I am looking for, the way to describe the feeling of opening a pattern and pulling out factory folded tissue, which was prepared fifty or sixty years prior. But it is an exciting and special feeling!

Today’s pattern of the day brings us back to basics, VOGUE 3004, a shell pattern with a slightly flared six gore skirt and a fitted bodice and high round neckline, which can be made up several ways. The pattern instructions suggest that it be made up in cotton first, amendments made where necessary and then retained for future use with other Vogue patterns.

Ready, steady, cut...

I have been playing with the bodice of the McCalls pattern but have decided this wouldn’t be a bad exercise to try and to have an emergency “back up” bodice which I can choose if I prefer… always nice to have choices…

So, during snippets of time during the day, I cut some fairly cheap cotton, basted the darts and roughly assembled the mock-up bodice… I am now considering the overall fit. The pattern instructs the user to then transfer all alterations and changes to a master pattern template… will be interesting to see how well I can manage to get the bodice to fit correctly.

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