The Fifties Sophisticate and Bananas Foster

Thank you to thescroobiouspip for a Kreativ blogging award, shall have to think carefully about my onward blogging choices. In the spirit of the award, I understand I should divulge ten mildly interesting details about myself:

  1. I got “hitched” and had a baby in the last twelve months;
  2. I have lived in the US, Canada and England;
  3. My favourite dessert is Bananas Foster, especially the way it was prepared at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Hotel in Vegas;
  4. I’m an early bird;
  5. I watched Gone With The Wind innumerable times when I was growing up;
  6. One of my favourite books is The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton;
  7. I taught myself to knit and can now successfully knit booties and other baby clothing;
  8. I used to write poetry and had a few published in the paper in my teens ( my husband seems to think this is interesting)!
  9. I use a MAC book;
  10. I would love to go back to Alaska with my husband and son, it was beautiful… in the Summer of course.

Sugar and Griffe and all things nice...

Today’s pattern of the day is a Vogue Paris Original Model by Griffe, 1955 with a hat pattern by John Frederics to match.. perfect for the fifties Sophisticate. Two patterns to make up for the lack of a post yesterday! Baby kept me on my toes!

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