So very chic… but isn’t Ricci always?

Today bub fell asleep in the stroller and I was able to enjoy a quiet moment at a Greek Deli at the local shopping centre. For a long while, it was the only place to get a decent coffee in the complex. The walls are lined with shelves of goodies from all over the world… biscuits from Italy, Denmark, Germany… organic coffees, english jams and imported coffees. At Christmas, they string clusters of brightly coloured boxes of panettone. I probably shouldn’t say a quiet moment, that would be incorrect… at the front of the store it is all hustle and bustle as people passing pause, inspect and buy some of the various cheeses, specialty hams and bread. It is a wonderful place to BE quiet, to sit and observe and enjoy some freshly made espresso.

Forever chic

Today’s vintage pattern is another I would like to make at some point, Vogue Paris Original 1008 by Nina Ricci. It  struck me, as I sipped my coffee, that I am not actually sure I have ever seen an ugly Ricci pattern… has anyone else? This would be perfect for a smart business lunch, guest wedding attire or just shopping in Rome! So says I.

I love the magazine clipping that had been carefully kept with the pattern, showing off the made suit… so chic…

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