A Weekend Away with the Little Prince

Today promises to be super busy, and I am snatching a few moments before our sleeping, little prince awakes. This weekend is going to be our first weekend away since our little one joined our lives and the planning for the packing resembles a finely tuned military operation. Okay, maybe not finely tuned or military, but it is certainly an exercise. I was running around the house like a banshee before my husband left for work, knowing my window of opportunity to pack and be “hands free” was limited. My headstart to the day was I managed to shower, to unstack and stack the dishwasher and address a christening invitation. Quel joie! (Only slight note of sarcasm in my voice). I should really add that my wonderful, wonderful hubbie made me a toasted bagel and a superb cup of coffee. There was still enough in the french press (known in Australia as a “plunger”) for a second cup… that is a very, very good start indeed!

Even though we now have a little one, we haven’t yet been married a full year. When does a couple stop being newlywed? In terms of lifestyle, probably when a  little angel DOES drop in. All of a sudden love goes from romantic dinners to sheer gratitude… for things like a fresh cup of coffee and a bagel!

So perhaps the weekend away is a turning point. Little One is no longer a newborn, but a small infant now… and managing to go away is really like establishing some sort of normalcy now that there is some semblance of a sleeping pattern, however interrupted for all of us! Our second weekend away will be next weekend for my sister-in-laws wedding in a country town.

The wedding guest dress is still coming along, I managed to do a tiny bit of work on the bodice last night and definitely ventured into new territory as I made up facings so that there would be no topstitching disturbing the surface of the satin. I also improvised with some fusible interfacing so that any stitching on the inner facing would not easily show… I like the clean, smooth look, and the satin I am using is very lightweight. I have also decided to add ruffle sleeves… unfortunately my machine needs to be repaired and can’t do the zig zag stitch required to blind hem, so it will be over to my mothers probably tonight (if the moons align) to use her machine. I bought my elna SU  in honor of watching her use hers for so many years!

Casual glamour

So, in honor of the weekend away in Sydney, today’s pattern is the Weekend Away outfit, Vogue 5477, perfect for the beach or a Harbour cafe for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast. Wish me luck with the packing!!!

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