Sydney, Sydney, Sydney… fun, fun, fun!

What a fabulous weekend away, so many things I could blog about…! The Little Prince (as I have dubbed our little one for the purposes of the blogosphere) got a good dose of café culture in Sydney and also went to his second ever art exhibition, the PICASSO exhibition being shown at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I highly recommend the exhibition for those who are in any way artistically inclined.

The Bridal Kitchen Tea

As for mummy, well… I had the pleasure of attending my sister-in-law’s bridal kitchen tea and she looked absolutely gorgeous in a fabulous dress (simple, sleeveless bodice, flared skirt over the knee) and heels to make a new mumma weep (I have been relegated to flat granny shoes for a while after seeing a podiatrist last week… pregnancy appears to have disagreed with my feet)!!! The kitchen tea was great fun with lots of yummy, mouth popping delights and fun games (ie. try and guess which attendee picked which celebrity as their husband in an alternate reality)….

VOGUE 5341... the sleeveless dress is timeless... interesting placement of darts...

In the spirit of my sister-in-law’s pretty kitchen tea dress, I have chosen VOGUE dress pattern 5341 as today’s pattern of the day. I particularly like the sleeveless version of this dress, it could be worn to virtually anything, depending on the fabric… I would love it in a simple cotton print… leaves lots of room to accessorize!

One of the highlights of the weekend was a visit to an antique and collectables shop in the trendy suburb of Rozelle. Imagine discovering vintage wooden spools of thread (some still in the original packaging) for just $2. The owners daughter was behind the counter and wonderful to chat to… seriously, the place was an etsy lovers dream come true. Vintage clothes, fabric, knick knacks, fabric, patterns… I was only sorry my visit was hastened by the knowledge that my husband, son and mother were all waiting for me before we made our way to lunch… but  I did buy a few patterns and some of the colours I might soon need in terms of the thread.

If anyone lives in Sydney, the shop, “Darling Collectables” is worth a look in… situated at 693 Darling Street… worth the trip if you like SYLKO thread!

Lots to look at, at DARLING COLLECTABLES... too bad I cannot frequent it often.

It was a fabulous, fun, full weekend but admittedly, travelling with a bub was a lot of work (one is constantly surveilling the local area for change rooms)… I also didn’t appreciate some of the dirty looks I got when Little Prince was crying when the plane took off (lets face it, its all new to a baby… sometimes I wonder where people’s empathy is)??? Bottom line is, it is wonderful to be home… home SWEET home!!!

Blast from the past... my parents actually were given one of these as a wedding present and I recall it from my childhood... one of the many pretty goodies to be found at the Rozelle shop!

Vintage goodies everywhere...!

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