The thing about reality

Yesterday was not an easy day. Little Prince was thrown off his vague routine by the weekend away and was a bit more unsettled than usual. Personally, I just wanted to sleep. Thanks goodness for Mums! Mine came over for an hour so that I could work on the wedding guest dress. I basted and then machine stitched the bodice to the skirt. I tried the dress on at this point and was overall pretty happy with the progress I had made and the fit of the bodice, especially, though the neckline was a bit higher than I am used to and I found myself contemplating recutting it a little lower.

This was the moment that I realised the biggest mistake I had made. Whilst the dress would happily accommodate my post-baby body, there would be absolutely no way to breastfeed without taking the entire dress off. Still, I pushed the stroller round the mall in denial, bought the zip and some trim for the lining. That is when I started looking despondently at EMERGENCY DRESSES.

There is now one glaring reality, with four days to go…. It will be impossible to wear the dress I have been I have been so carefully labouring over. Its on the dress form as I type, inside out, wishing to be completed. And I do feel silly for not having seriously considered this aspect of the occassion, but it wasn’t really fully apparent until I tried the dress on. Anyway, enough about my woe, I am still thinking about beginning again at the eleventh hour which is risky since time to work on it is not guaranteed and it would have to be a pretty quick and easy pattern. Maybe a halter dress or top? That could work…????

Zipper, anyone?

Today’s pattern of the day is Butterick 7053… maybe I should have contemplated a zipper front on a dress to start with!

3 thoughts on “The thing about reality

  1. What kind of straps does your dress have? Could you cut one or both to have either a tie on the shoulder (self fabric or ribbon) or a hook and eye or snap closure? Then you could just unsnap or untie when Le Petit Prince was hungry or you were full.

  2. I would nurse just before you are about to get dressed, have some pumped milk ready beforehand, and don’t forget to wear some bra pads. Find a place to quickly change and nurse between the wedding and reception, if you’re feeling like you need to. If you have to, wear some good undergarments, find a restroom or a changing room and a trusted companion (or, if it’s a hotel, go up to the hotel room). No worries, it’s not a disaster. When mine was tiny I found myself in that position once or twice;-)

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