Sixties eye candy with SIMPLICITY

Thanks for the suggestions re: the wedding guest dress yesterday… much appreciated. Either way, I would have to express at the reception, even if I fed bub a bottle there (such is the nature of breastfeeding… then also factoring in the drive, the wedding is not in our town, the drive between the ceremony and reception and so forth). My husband is the MC so I would be unlikely to get assistance if required…

I called my mother over yesterday morning and asked for her advice. “I don’t ask you for your advice often… enjoy it,” I joked. I was totally swallowing my pride. The woman who had sewn all my clothes in my childhood looked at me with raised eyebrows. ‘You don’t have enough time” (to start to a new dress). She then did what I can only thank the stars for… she took bub and I shopping all morning. I put blinkers on and didn’t look at prices, just thought about practicality. We did find a dress which ended up being quite reasonably priced… a little black dress made out of a stretchy knit which would do the trick without a problem. I was so relieved. She refused to let me pay for the dress. She then bought me gelati. I was never so grateful for my Mum, coming through when my spirits had flagged! It was the kind of gesture she might have made in my teens, I never usually let her pay for anything… and it was so very wonderful! One of those yuck days turned awesome. I made peace with my must-be-vintage-dress demons and decided the satin dress would be perfect for another occasion down the road.

In warming up to today’s pattern, I thought I’d start today’s blog with a little eye candy from a 1963 Simplicity Store Catalog that just arrived yesterday from the US, and in amazing condition. (Etsy, I love you! Ha)!

Early sixties styling, love the mix of floral and solids

I think I have figured out why I love some of the pictures from old patterns magazines and other fashion ephemera. Frankly, none of the models look like they are sixteen… they look like real women. Airbrushing had yet to make an impression on the fashion world and it really was down to the natural beauty of the model, the clothes and the ability of the photographer.

Retro colour palette... interesting book!

Today’s pattern is a late 50s dress, SIMPLICITY 2967. A very simple dress. But sufficiently pretty.

Simple but sufficient!

One thought on “Sixties eye candy with SIMPLICITY

  1. Hmmm the first paragraph is ABSOLUTELY what the French would call “h u m i l i t e”…. quote from Sardenadon from the film Camelot. Not a dress 3 dresses ha ha ha. I’d even give you the world if I can.

    My pleasure…my dear, my pleasure. I enjoyed the bonding and of course the bub. He’s a cutie!

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