“PEARLS OR NO PEARLS?” that is the question…

We had a carefully orchestrated plan… Last night everything was all organised for easy execution this morning, pre-departure, including the baking of a chocolate cake which I had promised to bring to Sunday brunch and which had the potential to throw us into a frenzy whilst we got everything also done (ie car packed, Little Prince fed, dressed)… I had neatly measured out all ingredients, put out all equipment etc so that at 5.30am when hubbie and Little Prince were still sleeping, all I needed to do was put on the oven and I could whip it all together. What could go wrong? It seems at 5.30am when you are half a sleep, plenty! I got the egg yolk and egg white mixed up, literally (added to wrong mixture) which required an emergency dash on hubbie’s part to my mother’s house as the supermarket was not open yet (I had used the last of the eggs and sugar). Lesson: always plan a contingency!!!

So, now that the non-vintage Little Black Dress has been established as my modus operandum for my sister-in-laws wedding, the question is, “pearls or no pearls”? It is a question because I have a double strand of pearls and I wear them frequently, maybe I should be changing it up a little??? Different accessories? But they really are so classic… they seem to match just about everything!

In honour of my sister-in-laws wedding, today’s pattern HAD to be a wedding dress pattern… mid-sixties… yes, I have a thing for the sixties! This dress has a fitted bodice and a panelled train. I like it because it isn’t a Grace Kelly dress which seemed to storm the wedding fashion world by fire… it is distinctive and flattering. I look forward to seeing my sister-in-law’s choice of dress.

I found the pattern at an online auction and the background fabric at a thrift shop (maybe a fat quarter…)? I liked how the flowers spell “LOVE”… very quaint find. The silk thread for basting was found on etsy… on honeymoon, my husband and I actually went to the town in California where the thread (Belding Corticelli) was manufactured, so long ago… Petaluma. Very pretty town if anyone is in Northern California, lots of places for a great lunch on the way to Napa, Sonoma or Russian River.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Wedding bells will today be peeling... aah, what sweet joy...

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