Here comes the bride

By 4pm, clusters of people were assembled in groups around a small sandstone church in Berrima. Cars continued to arrive, moving slowly to the muddier car parks which were fresh from a morning rain. Attendees came from all over the country and as far away as England. Like a blessing, the sun appeared, dazzling and brilliant. There was soon to be a country wedding!

Mr and Mrs...

Pretty details

Portrait of a lady

Carriage awaits...

Don’t be fooled by the waiting car… the bride and groom made a spectacular entrance to the vineyard, where guests awaited to receive them, in nothing less than a helicopter. A pretty impressive way to do things!

It was a fabulous weekend, the only disappointment being the vaguely disapproving comment around “young mothers who won’t let their babies cry out these days” (my husband and I had to leave the reception when Little Prince was crying, then veritably screaming from cramps/ lactose intolerance). When I can teach a baby to meditate on pain, there may be some argument for ignoring them, but I can only describe listening to our sweet natured baby suffer as truly painful. The one bane of motherhood has been the inability to ease that suffering beyond what little comfort a mother’s arms can afford. I wouldn’t wish that feeling of heartbreak on any mother and it was somewhat hurtful I admit to be judged, but we continue to do whatever we can for our child on the advice of our paediatrician.

Apart from seeing a wonderful couple make a lifelong commitment, it was wonderful to see so many members of our family who now live great distances, especially our relations in Queensland in England. My husband’s “clan” is large and wonderful… I might add they are all also ridiculously photogenic!

Today’s pattern of the day would make a fabulous going away outfit… perfect city-to-resort style with Guy Laroche.

A great going away outfit?

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