What to wear for Valentine’s day? Ooh La La! Lanvin!

Valentine’s day tomorrow… what to wear? We are going on our first “date” since Little Prince was born… an Italian restaurant we went to on our third date, ten minutes away. LP will be watched by mother dearest (thank goodness for grandmothers, ours has two wonderful women as grandmothers to love him)!

In an ideal world where I had infinite time to sew and learn, what would I make?

Having put some thought into it, as far as Vogue Paris Originals go, it is hard not to have favourites! I first saw this pattern at an online auction as part of a UK collection nine months ago. It came up again in an uncut format in the US. I had been looking forward to it ever since it went for a handsome price, the first time… at that point I had wondered if it had been worth the money but having coveted it ever since, I made an executive decision and this beautiful pattern is now part of my collection. It is definitely a top ten favourite!!!

Methinks houndstooth would be the bees knees!

6 thoughts on “What to wear for Valentine’s day? Ooh La La! Lanvin!

      • You’re very welcome. I didn’t realize LP is only 4 months old. How precious. Congratulations!

        I found an old retro Vogue pattern I thought you might like. But I don’t know how to send a picture (pdf) of it to you. I’m new to blogging. Is there a way for us to exchange email addresses? Or maybe I can put it up on my blog and you can “borrow” it from there?


      • Hi, the pattern number is Vogue 2401. I’m not usually into vintage looks but I think I bought this pattern some time ago to try it out to see how I look and it must have been on sale.

        I love the old style, very feminine designs. They seemed to flatter a woman’s figure more than trying to drown it in over-the-top designs like today. If you were in the US, I would have already decided to give the pattern to you and send it to you. But now I will make it as a new creative venture. I’ll let you know when I do.

        Please give little LP a kiss for me. My little son is now 34 and I enjoyed him so very much!!! He won’t let me kiss him repeatedly now as I did then, so get in as many as you can now. 🙂

      • You mean they stop letting us kiss them?!?! (joke) Yes, I kiss LP often. Sometimes the little soul just radiates when he smiles and his whole face lights up. They are the moments I know one day I will miss! But I will also enjoy watching him grow and finding his own path. Please post pictures of your new venture. I love to see vintage come to life! I am nearly done with a dress to wear on our first vacation. Very, very retro, red and blue fabric, perfect the beach… Have a wonderful day!!!

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