For the love of Crisco… and Jacques Heim!

We will be busy with Little Prince’s christening this weekend… followed by a small get together with our immediate families and a handful of our closest friends. My mother, (who has decorated cakes professionally), has been decorating a mini tour-de-force. She is quite the artist and I know how much she loves doing that kind of stuff, I am sure whatever she makes is going to be wonderful!

I, on the other hand am keen to make some mini cupcakes on a cupcake stand. I have a fabulous WILTON cake decorating book from my time in the US…. but to my dismay CRISCO vegetable shortening cannot be found in Canberra for love or money. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to order from an import company online. I am hoping I can beg a friend or family member to buy me an overpriced tin from David Jones in Sydney… buttercream would be soooooooo pretty!!! It will be wonderful to celebrate the special occasion with some of the people we love most. I confess, I am looking forward to decorating the table and putting together a modest but (hopefully) delicious spread for lunch.

Another Jacques Heim dress pattern today… VOGUE PARIS ORIGINAL 1474… this little beauty was an unexpected discovery (and oh so very delightful). Dated mid sixties, this bias cut overdress is simple but sophisticated… classic Heim! The pattern has only nine pieces making it a wonderful starting point for the home seamstress! Recommended fabrics included crepes, jersey and silk jersey.

Bias cut overdress with halter-like neckline... love the model's hairstyle!

One thought on “For the love of Crisco… and Jacques Heim!

  1. Love that dress in green. I would look great in that. Sigh!

    I see you are in Australia. I have some great friends in Sydney and Brisbane. Will have to get over there one day. I’m in Los Angeles. If you ever need anything from here, just let me know. I’m glad to help out another sewing enthusiast.


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