Good Griffe! One can never get enough…! VOGUE PARIS ORIGINAL 1332

More Griffe… Vogue Paris Original 1332 is today’s pattern of the day… Love the colours on the pattern envelope, absolutely stunning photograph!

Friday is almost upon us and I have to admit, last weekend feels like a century ago… every day with Little Prince is a joy and every moment is precious, but the days can be long and tiring… I guess that is natural if one wakes up twice a night! This evening I stayed up a bit and enjoyed some internet browsing and did some pattern cataloguing as my two boys slept soundly… How I do love VOGUE 1960s patterns.

I envy these people on the internet that say they bought a box of Vogue Paris Originals at a garage or estate sale and have no idea what they are worth or about patterns… I think to myself, someone else’s passion for collecting left to strangers… the patterns end up in good hands in the end, one hopes!

Vogue Paris Original 1332

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