Motivated by cupcakes… what a day! Perfect for Forquet… Ricci… Lanvin… or Galitzine?

Cupcakes are made. My best friend brought some CRISCO from David Jones in Sydney so my commitment to buttercream icing prevails, ready to literally be whipped into frosted glory tomorrow morning before Little Prince’s christening, for the get-together afterwards with our families.

I am not going to deny it, I am utterly exhausted, probably not helped by a trip to the ER after I noticed something floating about in happy Little Prince’s eye when we were playing early this evening. To my horror, it was a small piece of wood! Fortunately came out on its own whilst we were waiting to see the doctor. Alas, it was two hours of stress I could have lived without, but the trip was necessary… vision after all is pretty important in life!

A light dinner and a glass of wine later, I am definitely craving sleep.

Today’s pattern is a wish list pattern (not in my collection, its one I don’t have but watch out for)… As a teaser… any guesses as to the designer? Photograph is from my VOGUE 1965 pattern catalogue… gorgeous details, so sixties, so tailored, so perfect…!


Know this pattern?

One thought on “Motivated by cupcakes… what a day! Perfect for Forquet… Ricci… Lanvin… or Galitzine?

  1. As much as I love fashion and sewing, I must confess that I cannot tell one designer’s style from another…yet. I plan to remedy that one of these day and pick some favorites. I couldn’t guess the designer on this one without trying to cheat with google. 🙂

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