Baby steps and big cupcakes

So today was Little Prince’s big day… the christening! I got up at 5am to make the buttercream icing in three different colours and pipe decorations… took me much longer than expected and suddenly it was time to get dressed and run out the door. Little Prince was marvellous through the ceremony. I think he knew something was going on at the church, he loved spending time with our immediate families (and a handful of our closest friends), enjoyed the chatter, the cuddles and at the end of the day marvelled at the different colours on the gift wrap, (we have found anything yellow seems to attract his attention). After a long day, he finally slumbered, and I admit those peaceful moments in my arms are amongst my favourites.

In true vintage style, I pulled out some cute teacups I found at an antique shop… made from white french milk glass, they are super retro (poppy design) and it was great to have a reason to use them. I also finally got to use an antique silver candelabra with a base wide enough in the middle to fill with water and decorate with flowers. My parents used to have an identical one which constantly burgeoned with hydrangeas in the Summer months and was used at family dinners. Unfortunately, I forgot to light the candles!

A wonderful day, but a long day! My only sorrow was not getting enough time to chat more individually with our families, many of which had travelled from interstate to share our little one’s day.

Buttercream frosting... sweeeeeeet! And a few retro touches....

In the spirit of baking, today’s pattern of the day is a mother and daughter Apron pattern by Simplicity… oh, matching aprons, very adorable!!! Late 40s, early 50s methinks (given the 35 cent price tag, more likely 40s).

Huge cute factor!

4 thoughts on “Baby steps and big cupcakes

    • Many thanks!!! I do love vintage, I look the look and feel. I also used some little flowery china plates that I collect (my husband always says “Do we really need MORE plates?” But we did use every plate in the house on the day! (The hubbie has a pretty big immediate family)!

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