Make a B-line for the A-Line… live a little… love retro!

Yesterday I was so, so, so naughty and indulged in US VOGUE PATTERNS online sale… worth checking out if you have room in your cupboards…!

A recent peruse of the shops, my eye was caught by the new styles featured at shops such as MARCS. I loved it. Why? Firstly, houndstooth fabric is a favourite of mine. Secondly, it appeared a-line and mod dresses were making a huge comeback. It appears I am not the only one who loves a little retro. My favourite was a black and white houndstooth dress with a double Peter Pan contrast collar. Very cute. I think I could even get away wearing it without the need for heels, which these days is a consideration.

A-line dresses are so classic, they are flattering to most figures and never go out of style. Today’s dress pattern of the day is BUTTERICK 3573, from the 1960s…a semi-fitted a-line dress with a low u-neckline and contrast collar. Suggested fabrics include linens, piques, cloques, denims and poplins. I am definitely thinking about clothes for the upcoming holiday, ideally QUICK and ideally EASY, so this one will probably make the cut.

Make a b-line for the a-line

I really do need to make a to-sew list. I did find some gorgeous tan and cream houndstooth fabric over the last few weeks which is begging to become a suit or a coat, (a Vogue Couturier Simonetta)? So many ideas, so little time!


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