Nothing says “I’ll call you” like houndstooth… VOGUE 4051

Houndstooth, as illustrated for Spring fashions in Vogue Pattern Book, February- March 1962

I live in Australia, but where I live can get cold in the Winter. I mean very cold! Despite the fact that some cities in Canada (and I lived in Toronto for a while) can routinely get to minus 20 degrees celcius, Canberra (the Capital of Australia for those who have never heard of it)! seems to feel colder. The houses don’t seem to do as good a job at retaining heat… but by the time Summer comes around they need to do the opposite, we have some real scorchers! So, yes, I am talking minus five or so as a cold Winters night…

The one thing that I do look forward to is Winter clothing… that lovely feeling when you are all rugged up to go out and your fingers are toasty and warm in some nice gloves… And what makes the cold weather a far more tolerable prospect is the thought of a little houndstooth in a nice wool! Today’s pattern of the day is VOGUE 4051 which Vogue Pattern Book featured in a gorgeous houndstooth fabric… enjoy the eye candy!

VOGUE 4051, featured in Oct-Nov 1959 edition of Vogue Pattern Book made up in Houndstooth

Oct-Nov 1959 edition of Vogue Pattern Book

Incidentally, for vintage pattern lovers, Vogue Couturier Pattern 151, an evening gown with a lovely shelf but (featured in the 59 VPN discussed) went for $71.00 on eBay in the last week. The pattern was a size 16, appeared to be in good condition with no clear indication of whether it was cut or uncut.

Vogue Couturier 151 as illustrated in Vogue Pattern Book

2 thoughts on “Nothing says “I’ll call you” like houndstooth… VOGUE 4051

  1. I love winter because I love dressing up…especially knitted suits. I suppose sewing is much easier than knitting. You buy the fabric whereas in knitting you have to produce the fabric first.

    But with patterns like this who would not want to sew? I particularly love the evening gown…fluid and unpretentious. Simple yet elegant and oh what a match with a simple stole as featured! I will settle for a lapin stole or maybe a rich black/brownish mid-hip length jacket. so rich in colour, texture and warmth. Price wise, affordable.

    • I think the difficulty nowadays is finding quality fabric to make suits from etc. Most of the specialty stores in Canberra have closed down but you occassionally see the old store stamps on vintage patterns… grand ladies that once were full of hustle and bustle and POTENTIAL (for us to create) that have disappeared into the night!

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