Pretty and polished, VOGUE Special Design 4055

My free minutes lately (few and far between with caring for the Little Prince) have been spent cataloguing my patterns on BENTO. This includes rechecking my patterns and documenting whether they are cut or not. I happened across a pair of big red buttons at the bottom of VOGUE PARIS ORIGINAL envelope, which amazed me given I had never noticed it and that the pattern remained undamaged.

Coincidentally, I had also browsed through a 1959 Vogue Pattern Book as I was tidying up about fifteen minutes before and voila… I had spotted the EXACT buttons in an advertisement. Again, like the dressmaking book of several weeks ago, I could not resist playing around with the image…

Vintage fashion... it comes to life with a little imagination!

I love vintage fashion and pattern envelope illustrations. They evolve throughout each era, VOGUE is a wonderful example. That said, it is also a real delight to be able to view the “made up” dress or outfit to see what it might look like beyond an illustrator’s ability to render it, with all its best design details.

Today I decided to go with 1959 and there will be a bit of a 1950s focus over coming weeks… VOGUE 4055 is a suit with a long jacket, shaped collar and slim skirt. I’ve photographed it here with the photograph that appeared in Vogue Pattern Book October-November 1959. In this instance, I don’t think the pattern does the made garment justice. I am particularly enamoured not only with the neat, tailored look but the distinctive shaped collar that gives the suit a decidedly fifties feel.

Photographed with a John Frederics leopard pillbox hat.

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